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Do you want to NOT worry about your erections at all?  Not now or for years to come?  Do you want to be completely confident that you are ready all the time while at your largest size possible?

ESEIS 25 is the only daily challenge game that helps you maximize, optimize, manipulate and efficiently elevate your sexual health for complete erection control. 

Learn the patterns that keep your performance high both in and out of the bedroom, and then consistently act on those patterns and you will see results quickly…guaranteed

When you take the ESEIS 25 video course, you know exactly how to control your Energy, Sleep, Exercise, Intermittent Fasting & Soul to have erections on demand for life.

The Cheat Code to
Erections On Demand

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Brian “Uncle B” Ayers

After 22 years as the Men’s Performance Coach with African Fly and working with 1000’s of men…you figure out a few things.

Like how taking pills for erection issues won’t work because you have not solved the root issues that you are causing.

Plus, it gets more difficult over time to fix the little but huge mistakes you make everyday that affects your erections.

That is why I created ESEIS 25 Challenge to make getting and executing on your performance goals daily a competition to be the best you.

“As a man, you have to accept you are at war with the unhealthy way we were raised, taught and continue to live.  

“The consequences of inaction don’t care about your feelings.” 

- Uncle B 

Take On Challenges

Completion Certificate 

ESEIS 25 Origin Story

ESEIS 25 Origin Story

For years, Uncle B coached men on how to get the most they could out of the liquid aphrodisiac African Fly.  While African Fly worked for a vast number of men, it was the guys that it did not work for that Uncle B was most interested in.

After talking with the men African Fly did and did not work for...he noticed a pattern.  He would often hear, “I eat right and workout but I have a hard time getting and keeping an erection.”

Asking these men questions about their lifestyle showed that while they were doing some things right...they were doing more things wrong.  The research that followed led to the ESEIS 25 System that helps men quickly identify patterns that were moving them forward or holding them back daily.

Using his 150,000 plus subscriber and award winning YouTube Channel, Uncle B took ESEIS 25 to the masses to see how men would respond to the information and get an idea of their results…

And it was astounding…


I've been working at this for over 8 months now. I’ve noticed an increase in erection hardness. My mate has several times complained that it was too hard, I've also had to start buying larger condoms. I've changed my diet, and now have added African Fly into the mix. 

So brothers, the process does work, you have to be committed to changing your diet, and putting the time in. I'm almost at a 50% vegan diet, and have begun to add more plant-based foods to my diet. Thanks Uncle B...

Kevin Swann

Uncle B, I admit that I haven’t watched your videos for awhile. Yes, things have been working that good! I must say you look like you have lost a lot of weight! Looking good bro! I've lost 70 lbs. In the last year or so and I feel like I'm 25 again! Following your regimen and using African Fly really worked for me! This is my totally unsolicited testimony folks! Thanks so much Uncle B!!!!

- Vince. Edwards

Course Breakdown

What You Will Learn

This course is designed to be the ultimate cheat code for powering up your erections and love life. This is a whole-body approach to changing your life, improving your health, and enhancing your sexual performance with erections on demand. 


Lesson 1 – The Exponential Healing Power ESEIS 25

Learn how ESEIS 25 works, how to score yourself on the Sexual Performance Scale and how to use that information to set goals and track yourself with our exclusive ESEIS 25 Performance Tracking System.


Lesson 2 - Maximize Energy Absorption For Erection Power

Find out how maximize your energy with food, water, the sun and air and use that to your advantage. My goal is to get you addicted to energy.  Once you see how much better you feel, think, make love…everything is soooo much better. 

___________________________________________________________ Lesson 3 - Optimize Sleep for Testosterone Production

Find out how Sleep makes all the work you do while awake exponentially better. Bad sleep can age you, make you sick, dumb, give you cancer, kill you slowly while making your erections weaker.  Sleep is by far the most underrated cure-all.

Lesson 4 - Exercise Energy  to Manipulate Performance
Learn how to use exercise to become a sexual performance athlete so you can pleasure yourself and your partner at a high level.  You will become like any other athlete who exercises consistently and study the sport of sext for specific results. 


Lesson 5 - Intermittent Fasting For Faster Healing 

Get pointers on how to use intermittent fasting to get incredible and fast results with your health and erection power.  Learn how to do it in a way that is much easier to plan, execute and get the best out of it.


Lesson 6 – Soul: Health On A Higher Level

In this section I will break down what your soul is, how it relates to your sexual health and erection strength and what you can do to improve it. The great thing about taking care of your soul is that it is free to do whenever you want.


Lesson Seven - Execute On Your Plan

So, now that you have all this powerful information in hand, what’s next?  The first step is easy…get started. I’ve laid out a clear plan for success; all you have to do is follow it! If you need that extra support, the ESEIS 25 community group is a great place to get it



ESEIS 25 Challenger Pack

Everything you need to power up your performance, erections and confidence.

  • 7 Modules of Course Content ($395)
  • 2 months free access to the exclusive support group ($25/month) 
  • 6 months access to Videos, Downloads, Worksheets, and Exercises 
  • Daily encouragement video or text M - F 
  • Live Webinars Thursdays @ 9 
  • Certificate of Completion 
  • Discount s on products & services in the ESEIS 25 store 

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Squad Pack

For men who see the value of group coaching and being challenged by like minded folks.
  • Everything in the Challenger Pack
  • 12 month access to the exclusive ESEIS 25 support group ($300)
  • Two 30-minute private group coaching sessions with Uncle B for 3 months($500 Value)
  • 2 bottles of African Fly ($110)
  • Lifetime Access to Videos, Downloads, Worksheets and Exercises
  • Free Home Testosterone Kit($100)

Pre-Sale Price

ESEIS 25  Command Pack

Get goals faster with a personalized plan and weekly accountability checks with Uncle B

  • Everything in Challenger & Squad Packs
  • Personalized challenge plan
  • One private 30 Minute accountability meeting w/ Brian a week for 12 weeks ($3,000 value)
Pre-Sale Price

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes, we have a 31 day money back guarantee.

How do I know this will work for me?

Everything in this course is logical and based on science and results.  As in it is not a question of whether getting higher quality sleep will help your erections.  It is just a question of if you have the right information, techniques and tools to get high quality sleep every night on autopilot. 

This course gives you all of that!

Do you provide additional support?

We have built in as much support as possible in each package.  You can choose from community support, private group coaching or one on one accountability with Uncle B personally.

Why have other pills and programs not worked in the past and what is different about the ESEIS 25 Challenge program?

Taking pills without changing the lifestyle that caused your issues will never work.  Most programs only focus on one or two aspects of your sexual health while ESEIS 25 focuses on all five.  Add in the The ESEIS 25 Calendar tracking system and the group support and results will happen!

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