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African Fly (2-Pack) Formula for Men Proven Liquid Supplement to Enjoy Male Stamina & Larger Size at 40, 50, 60 and Beyond

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  • 2-PACK OF AFRICAN, NATURAL TONIC ENDS EMBARRASSING PERFORMANCE: Unlike synthetics, African Fly’s All-Natural Tonic is based on an ancient herbal formula from West Africa that adds stamina; and by getting yourself a 2-Pack, you’ll always be stocked to end embarrassing performance
  • USA-MADE TO BRING BACK ‘THE SWAGGER’: Men who were wasted money on meds from China, the UK, and India tell us they’re enjoying real results in size and endurance; That’s why the team at African Fly proudly crafts this Swagger Tonic right here in the USA --- and it’s also why fans have been raving for over 20 years about how they have their swagger back
  • MORE ENDURANCE: African Fly is best known for substantially increasing blood flow and focus, which is why it has found a home in Gym Bags for men 40, 50, 60 and beyond because of the explosive burst of natural energy (but without the nasty energy supplement jitters); Plus, healthy endurance for longer workouts and faster post-workout recovery time
  • IGNITE A DEEPER CONNECTION: Fans say African Fly has them feeling back to their prime, with a new-found fire, increased confidence, higher performance, better focus, as well as a deeper connection
  • FOR WOMEN TOO: African Fly is not just for men, women say African Fly’s natural herbs bring back that fiery confidence - some for the first time in years

Details: Fans Say This 2-Pack Of African Fly’s All-Natural Tonic Ends Embarrassing Performance The tonic is crafted from an all-natural herbal blend that's been the West African secret to end embarrassing performance for generations And with a large 2-Pack you’ll enjoy more stamina Giving Men More Swagger Stop wasting money on imported meds from the UK, India, or China. African Fly’s all-natural tonic, and for over 20 years men have been seeing: 💥 More Confidence ⌛ More Stamina 📏 More Size USA-Made - Naturally Boosts Stamina, Increases Focus, And Deepens The Connection African Fly has been proudly crafted right here in the USA for over 20 years and has helped thousands of men and women to enjoy: ✔ Youthful Confidence ✔ Peak Performance ✔ Deeper Focus Women Say Their Confidence Is Back African Fly isn’t just for men… Women say their confidence has returned - some for the first time in years. This Ancient Formula Boosts Power and Endurance In The Gym Since African Fly creates a natural boost of energy, men are keeping the ancient formula in their Gym Bag for longer workouts and faster recovery times -- without the jitters from pre-workout energy drinks. But don't take our word for it... Try adding African Fly to your daily routine and see for yourself why fans are enjoying more endurance, size, and confidence

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Package Dimensions: 6.8 x 4.4 x 3.3 inches